Our services

Quality and sustainable commitments

Reception and dry-docking of ships.
Berthing of ships
Grounding of ships from 12 to 115 metres on the appropriate facility.
Blocking, towing, divers’ interventions
Coordination with the harbour master and piloting services

Advice on repair work management
Concarneau port is in permanent contact with the port companies involved in all the essential trades during a technical downtime.

Towing services are sub-delegated to Société́ des Lamaneurs de Brest-Roscoff, which is in charge of ensuring correct operation, under control of the concession holder. The company has allocated resources, including two tugboats.

As manager of the port’s public domain, the new port delegate, as a true “facilitator” for the maintenance and development of the economic fabric, manages the temporary occupancy permits and ensures that the available space on the concession is fully occupied. The operator also ensures the optimal use of landing areas and docks.

and environment

The Concarneau shipbuilding and repair port is fully invested in the security and safety of workers and facilities and rigorously ensures compliance with regulations and standards for handling equipment. Access to the ship repair technical area and the dry dock is strictly reserved to professionals. Port security is ongoing, in particular with the redesigning of the access roads and docks and deployment of CCTV.

Concarneau is a pioneering port and since 2000 has had a dry dock that complies with the strictest environmental standards (ICPE – Installation Classified for the Protection of the Environment). Modernisation of careening methods, including upgrading the technical area to meet environmental standards, contributes to maintaining a high level of service for professionals, ensuring security of the facilities and protecting the environment through effective management of effluents, energy and waste related to the ship repair activity. CARENCO is fully committed to an environmental management approach which will lead to ISO 14001 certification.