The dredger HYDROMER, ordered by the Occitanie Region enters its second phase of construction in the Port of Concarneau, Shipbuilding and repairs for several months.

A hybrid diesel / hydrogen propulsion system 

HYDROMER is designed for port maintenance in the Gulf of Lion, in the Mediterranean. Its specificity is the hybrid hydrogen propulsion. Designed by PIRIOU in collaboration with the naval design office LMG Marin, this dredger designed to carry 2 tons of hydrogen on board a port work vessel is a first in this field. This system will reduce the fuel consumption of the ship by up to 20%. A real innovation for the décarbonisation of maritime transport.

From the XXL ship to the fishing boat, the Port of Concarneau hosts all types of ships. 

With a length of 70m, the dredger is currently docked at Quai Pétroliers. It will remain in the Port of Concarneau, shipbuilding and repairs until its delivery scheduled for the end of the year. The dredger will then go to Sète, its home port to maintain the depths of the three regional ports. The Port of Concarneau’s manager and operator, Carenco, guarantees the availability of the port’s facilities until the end of its construction.

The timetable is busy for this first quarter for the Carenco teams. The diversity of vessels hosted now is proof once again that the Port of Concarneau, shipbuilding and repairs meets the needs of all ship owners and all types of vessels. Hybrid dredgers, passenger ships, polar yachts, military ships, Sailing Yachts, or fishing boats are present on the different facilities of the port during this month of February. 

The Port of Concarneau is adapted to all, and this includes the most innovative vessels like the Hydromer!

Crédit photo : ©Piriou-Région Occitanie – Arrivée Drague Hydromer