For more than 10 years, Carenco has been considering renovating the dry dock door at the Port of Concarneau. It is this year that this tool will be replaced thanks to the construction and installation of a new door, prefabricated at the Aire de Réparation Navales (ARN).

A new door

Next May, the four pieces that will make up the new door will be transported to Concarneau, where they will be assembled. This work should be completed in the summer of 2024. Unlike the current gate, the new infrastructure will be easy to handle using the strap lift, which will facilitate maintenance.

Carenco is also anticipating rising water levels, storms and other potential consequences of global warming by raising the gate by 50cm. At the top of the gate, a separation of flows is planned to facilitate access for users of the dry dock, while ensuring safe passage for pedestrians, who will still be able to cross from one bank to the other.

To enhance safety and ensure a smoother flow of traffic a pedestrian bridge, adjoining the gateway, will also be installed on the left bank.

Installation of the new gate will depend on the tidal range, and it should be in place by early August.

Follow the progress of the works throughout the year on Carenco’s social networks.