Today, the port of Concarneau welcomed its new tugboat, whose construction was commissioned to PIRIOU by La Société Coopérative des Lamaneurs. CARENCO, the new concession holder for the Concarneau shipbuilding and repair port, embraced its arrival.

CARENCO, the new public service delegate for the Concarneau shipbuilding and repair port, decided to sub-delegate the towing activity to Société Coopérative des Lamaneurs (SCL), upon notification of the operating contract in January 2021 by the Brittany Region, which owns the port. Along with LE MOROS, SCL has supplied two other tugboats: Elorn and Portzic. Two boats are now available 24/7 in Concarneau.

Dominique Lallement, Chairman of CARENCO said: “We chose SCL to maintain and reinforce the level of responsiveness and professionalism we owe our customers. Following modernisation of tools on the ship repair site, this new nautical resource rounds out services for all port users and boosts our competitiveness. In addition, it perfectly meets the economic and environmental challenges of Concarneau port.”

Gilles Tréanton, manager of SCL, commented, “We are delighted to have been selected for this new contract which, on the one hand, is a recognition of our expertise in port operations and, on the other hand, will allow us to further develop our activities. We were very warmly received from the moment we arrived and for us it’s a real pleasure to work in Concarneau.”


On 1 January 2021, CARENCO became the new concession holder for the Concarneau shipbuilding and repair port, appointed by the Brittany Region, which has owned the port since 2017. On the 17-hectare concession, CARENCO is in charge of managing the port area and operating port infrastructure and tools for the acceptance and dry-docking of ships. CARENCO puts its naval and maritime expertise at the service of shipowners, businesses and the local area, and is fully committed to an environmental approach.
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